Touching B.A.S.E. Newspaper Spring 2017

Hot off the presses! The Touching B.A.S.E. on Daycare Matters Spring 2017 edition of the newspaper is ready! Find out how B.A.S.E. Daycare students have been moving, creating, cooking and learning all in 12 pages of beautiful colour!

**Please note, to play the videos within the newspaper pdf you must download it first!**

Touching B.A.S.E. Spring 2017-cover

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Comic Books Come to Life

SWOOSH! WHIRR! POOF! BAM! Marvel Comics better watch out for these future comic creators! Check out the full story behind these wonderful comics in the Touching B.A.S.E. on Daycare Matters Spring 2017 newspaper. In the meantime, enjoy reading Adventures in Comic City from Our Lady of Pompei, Futuristic from John Caboto Academy, and The Laboratory from Dalkeith right here!

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Food Revolution: Appetizer

Here’s a little appetizer to our Food Revolution Day Celebration video spread!

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Dante: The Art of Sewing

Sewing is another form of art, and an invaluable skill. This is one of the many things the Grade 2 students learn in daycare.

The look of astonishment in educator Ms. Franca’s Grade 2 daycare students was something to behold when they saw a sewing machine in their class.

“Are we going to sew?” they all cried in unison, big round eyes lighting up. “Cool!”

“My grandmother has a sewing machine and she sews,” said one student, feeling all grown up.

Anxiously and shyly, they all wanted to go first.

“I was a bit nervous,” said Joseph. “We had to push a peddle with our foot, but it was fun.”

“Oh gosh, I’m going to sew,” said Victoria happily.

“I’m making a scarf for my mother, it’s amazing,” was another comment from Daniel.

“I’m not stressed out at all doing this,” said Joseph while pushing down on the peddle with his foot.

“I’m happy that I’m getting the chance to sew. I never used a sewing machine before,” said Adam.

The children all took turns learning how to thread the needle, do some bobbin threading and overlock stitching, and made beautiful scarves to bring home for their Mother’s Day gift surprise.

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Our Lady of Pompei: High Tea

Adam Rahmani, Grade 6 student

Ms. Rosa’s Grade 6 students had the privilege of attending a traditional English tea party during our after school daycare program.

We were served traditional English Tea, complete with scones, crumpets, pastries and jam; and what’s a tea party without the cucumber sandwiches, which were delicious!

Ms. Rosa was born in England and is very proud of her heritage. She taught us about the history and proper etiquette of afternoon tea. We also learned a few Do’s and Don’ts such as:

  • DO try a little of each food served.
  • DO spread a scone with cream first then the jam.
  • DON’T place lemon in the teacup before pouring the tea, the tea is always poured first.
  • DON’T leave your spoon in the cup, place it on the saucer.
  • DON’T move your plate more than 1 inch front the edge of the table.
  • DON’T push your plate when you are done eating.

In the end we all had a wonderful experience. It was both fun and educational and we thank Ms. Rosa for the memorable day.

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Cedarcrest: Learning Screen Smarts

B.A.S.E. Daycare students at Cedarcrest learning about screen smarts put together their own Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for fellow students. After figuring out how much time they spend in front of screens and learning about the effect screens can have on their lives they put their knowledge to use! Students chose a fact from this Screen Smart BC information sheet to inspire them, planned their storyboards, then created the following PSAs.

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Our Lady of Pompei: Earth Day

pencilshavings.jpgThe Grade 3 and 4 Daycare students celebrated Earth Day by creating beautiful works of art using pencil shavings, said Ms. Rosa Lemme, Daycare Educator.

The students got busy sharpening their coloured pencils until they accumulated a pile of different coloured shavings. They then proceeded to create their designs by using tweezers to glue the pencil shavings onto their paper. The end results were amazing!

All of Our Lady of Pompei’s Daycare groups spent the month of April doing activities and games that revolved around Earth Day themes. Daycare Educator Ms. Pia said the students had the experience of carrying water to see how some children in the world feel when they have to walk far to find clean water. They also experimented with growing vegetables and plants in water without soil. They placed carrots and beet tops in water and rocks. They also planted beans and lettuce in dirt and watched the progress of chia seeds as they sprouted.

It was a wonderful month of learning to value and respect the earth and will hopefully encourage students to continue taking care of the planet throughout their lives.


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