Coronation: Talent Show

The B.A.S.E. Daycare students at Coronation elementary school put on a Talent Show. The students of all ages were really invested in their performances and greatly enjoyed showcasing their multitude of talents.

What a great way to end the school year!





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John Caboto Academy: Green Club Takeover!  


What’s it like to be a teacher? Lots of students have probably asked themselves this question. We got to experience this on March 24th in Green Club at John Caboto Academy. Our theme for the week was earth day! We gave the students some fun facts about this holiday. For example, did you know earth is celebrated on April 22nd?

We planned a special arts and crafts project: an earth day mascot! Students colored the “Earth”, but they had to add their own original touch. Some students drew black spots on their earth to represent pollution, while others made their earth full of color.

At the end of the day, student’s art work was displayed on a wall. Now everyone can see how important Earth Day is!

By: Anastasia Markou and Leila Mota, Grade 6 B.A.S.E. Daycare John Caboto Academy


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Dante: Daycare Appreciation Week

Daycare appreciation week at Dante elementary school was filled with many enjoyable activities from special treats like beaver tails and many more, to making some noise with tam tam drums and finally playing some fun games organized by our fabulous educators!

By: Maria Santino, Dante B.A.S.E. Daycare Educator


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Guerilla Gardening 101

The Gerald McShane Green Club learned about Guerrilla Gardening this week. They took home their handmade “seed bombs”, which they will throw into in any urban space in need of greening. Wherever they’re planted, wildflowers will grow! You can make your own seed bombs at home by following these simple steps:

  • 1 part clay
  • 1 part soil or compost
  • 1 part native wildflower seeds
  • water (as needed)

Mix the soil, clay, and water thoroughly to diminish any lumps. Add water slowly to moisten, and then add seeds. Keep kneading the mixture until the seeds are well mixed in, adding water as necessary. Roll into a ball, about 1 inch in diameter. Dry seed balls for 1-2 days in a shady place. Throw them or plant them in a spot that you’d like to be green! No need to bury or water.

You’ve made your mark on the Earth by adding colour and life, and by planting these flowers, you’re helping insects, animals, and our planet thrive!


Gerald McShane’s Guerilla Gardeners Unite!

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B.A.S.E. Magician Mayhem!

The magicians in Grade 2 at John Caboto Academy daycare are in the process of learning 13 incredible magic tricks over the course of ten consecutive weeks. They are practicing hard, as are the other magicians at Dalkeith, General Vanier, and Sinclair Laird along with the help of Miss Jodi Schwartz, the B.A.S.E. Curriculum Advisor. A magic show will be presented as part of Daycare Week in a show that will take place on Tuesday May 17 2016. Cedarcrest magicians who participated in the Magician Mayhem program during Session 2 of the B.A.S.E. extracurricular activities will also take part in the show. A handful of students from each of the five above-mentioned schools will come together to dazzle their audience.

The accompanying picture shows some of what the John Caboto Academy daycare students have already learned. This was their second class and they’ve already mastered six tricks!

These magicians are wonderful performers!

12966754_10100449921965054_902399880_nSome magicians at John Caboto Academy make a card disappear.



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John Caboto learns about Local Food

The Grade 6 students from the Green Club team at John Caboto took a closer look into the local food system and where their food comes from. Everyone was surprised to learn what grew locally and seasonally from the interactive activities played and that bananas don’t grow in Montreal. As a part of the activities the team made a seasonal eating wheel to help demonstrate what foods are available locally and in season. Students drew, coloured and cut out pictures of fruits and vegetables that are grow in Quebec and then pasted them into the season that they are available. They then built a turning wheel to help make the poster interactive and more visually entertaining. The wheel is displayed at the school for whole school to use and learn from.

After learning what was available to eat in each season, the students dove into learning about our food system. To help identify the local food system, students chose an ingredient from their lunch and mapped out the steps it took to arrive in their lunch box. The students drew from beginning to end their food travelling though processes to get to their plate. The results displayed colourful and detailed systems.

Written by Green Animator: Ryan Oxley

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New Winter Edition of Touching B.A.S.E. Daycare Newspaper

It’s here! The new Winter 2016 issue of the Touching Base on Daycare Matters Newspaper has hit newsstands! The 12 page paper is full of fun and interesting news from the daycare world for educators, parents and students! You’ll find great photos and stories from the many extracurricular activities and pedagogical days enjoyed in the daycares for the last few months.

Click Touching B.A.S.E. Winter 2016_Final to see the full pdf.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.23.53 AM

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