General Vanier: Log Bench Project

Last Thursday, Green Club had an exciting delivery at General Vanier: 6 large logs that will be used to create log benches for an outdoor classroom adjacent to the garden in front of the school.

The logs were brought by a team from the local council, dumped from the back of a large truck and then moved into place with a bulldozer, they were so heavy!

The team said the logs were from a Norwegian Maple tree that had been cut down locally, likely due to being diseased, or dead. Thanks to Julie from Eco Quartier who helped source the logs. It feels good to know that the schoolyard garden will be made with local, recycled wood. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Cucumbretti

In Garden to Plate Club at Pierre Elliott Trudeau (PET) Elementary last week, students made their very own cucumber and zucchini spaghetti (or cucumbretti) using a spiralizer. Some of the strands of cucumbretti were taller than the students, one even estimated that their piece was taller than the school! 

All of the students liked the cucumbretti: Juliette said, “It was so fun!” And Victoria thought “It was very good!” However, students said they would not want to forgo normal spaghetti for cucumbretti, at least not all of the time.  

In Garden to Plate Club, the focus is on making healthy meals and snacks with food that is minimally processed, and local to Quebec. When available, students use vegetables grown in their very own schoolyard garden; this year club members used store bought cucumbers, but hopefully next year they will be able to use produce from the garden they are developing! Next week students will begin with weeding so that they can improve the soil, and plant flower and garlic bulbs before winter hits.  

Parents are very welcome to get involved in the gardening at PET, please contact B.A.S.E. at, if you are a parent at PET and would like to be involved. PET green clubs are hoping to organise a work party in the coming weeks! 

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Science Fun & Life-Size Games!


Every second week for their extended lunch period, Grade 5 students at Pierre Elliott Trudeau elementary school have been participating in a Life-Sized Games program.

The first week kicked off with a giant game of checkers. Students helped one another and strategized about their opponents’ future moves. Next to be experienced was a game of life-sized chess. Students became the pieces, and physically stepped around the game board in order for a piece to move. Teammates enthusiastically discussed the next best moves and displayed lovely teamwork. Everyone anxiously awaits to see which games will be played next!


Silly Putty is so much fun! Kindergarten students at St. Monica and Pre-K students at Pierre Elliott Trudeau learned about liquids, solids, chemical reactions, and polymers. They created individual pieces of art, and then packed them up to take home to play with all over again.

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Week 1 of Green Activities!

The first week of extracurricular activities in B.A.S.E. Daycares began with a bang! From September 25 to 29, students took part in physical activities, creative endeavours and all things green! Here are a few snapshots of cooking and green club activities that took place in Cedarcrest, Dalkeith, Edward Murphy, Hampstead, Nesbitt and St. Gabriel! What a great way to start off a new school year!

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Edward Murphy: Award-Winning Young Gardener!

During the summer months, Edward Murphy student Naïma not only helped out in the B.A.S.E. Daycare garden at her school with her mother Véronique, but also signed up to be a young gardener with the Botanical Garden’s program Jardins-jeunes.


During her work as a young gardener she worked hard! “I learned what types of insects are good or bad for the garden,” writes Naïma. “I also learned the types of vegetables and fruits that go together or not. I made friends and every class, we tasted fruits or made smoothies with the smoothie bike! Continue reading

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Gerald McShane: Mini (Yummy) Harvest

Green Clubs students at Gerald McShane met yesterday for the first time this school year and had a mini harvest activity with new Green Club Animator, Ms. Shannon!

Mostly made up of returning members in grades 5 and 6, the green club welcomed a few new students and all are super keen to embark on their year of environmental learning, especially when it tastes this good!

Students harvested cherry tomatoes, black tomatoes, green peppers, one giant carrot, and a few leaves of kale and chard to taste. They sliced them up and ate all the veggies raw…and loved it! Even the raw kale and chard were hits, with requests for seconds. So fun!

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B.A.S.E. Daycare Gardens – All Organic!

This week, September 16-24, 2017, is Canada’s National Organic Week, and though B.A.S.E. Daycare Green Clubs will only be returning to their gardens next week, these green spaces and their stewards celebrate organic gardening techniques year-round!

Companion Planting

Article on companion planting from the Touching B.A.S.E. Spring 2017 Newspaper.

All B.A.S.E. Daycare Green Clubs follow organic gardening practices, which include using companion planting techniques to prevent insect infestation, crop rotation, soil solarization (a natural way to get rid of weeds without using chemical pesticides), and improving the soil by creating their own compost and adding rich compost material.


Mid-October, many Green Clubs will be hosting their Harvest Parties to celebrate all their hard work and share the fruits of their labour with the rest of their daycare. This year some of the Harvest Parties will feature bike blenders!

A few other fun green projects to come are a fruit orchard at Parkdale, hoop houses at St. Monica and a cold frame at Pierre De Coubertin – both are basically mini greenhouses which are great for crops of kale, spinach, lettuce and chard that do well in cold weather.

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