Cedarcrest: Food Waste and Ugly Food

Sabrina Steen, B.A.S.E. Green Club Animator

Cedarcrest Green Club students took action on food waste this week, making sure each fruit (even ugly fruit) travelled successfully from garden to plate—instead of from garden to landfill! After engaging in a discussion and sharing stories about food waste, each student participated in the process of preparing a delicious smoothie. The students enjoyed making their smoothies with three “ugly fruits:” mango, banana, and orange. Many mentioned liking their smoothies, and were asking for more!

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Hampstead: Winter Snow Globes

Ryan Oxley, B.A.S.E. Green Initiative Advisor

Hampstead’s Green Club students embraced winter by making snow globes to help beautify their school garden.

The students shared some great learning experiences while creating their snow globes. They discussed the cold temperatures in winter as well as the process of making natural dyes, which included shredding some beets and cabbage then soaking them to extract the colours.

Ethan, a Grade 5 student, enjoyed his experience saying, “We made snow globes by using leaves, water and dyes. We also talked about how natural dyes were made.” The results speak for themselves.

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Dalkeith: Seed Bars and Superheroes

Van Ferrier, Green Animator

On the last day of the fall session, members of the Dalkeith Daycare “Green Club” made a batch of delicious seed bars with Mr. Van. The students had fun taking turns measuring the ingredients (four different kinds of seeds!) along with plenty of dates, salt and spice. Students learned that seeds are rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. The students also created “Green Crusader” comic book heroes committed to saving the planet. Making Art, cooking and enjoying a healthy snack was a great way to end the session. We are looking forward to the winter session of “Green Club” at Dalkeith Daycare and wish you all a Happy New Year!

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General Vanier: Students Learn How to Create a Vermicompost!

Ryan Oxley, B.A.S.E. Green Initiative Advisor

A few weeks ago, General Vanier had a workshop from the Saint Leonard Eco-Quartier. The workshop was about worms and how they produce compost. The students learned about the biology of the worm and also how to create a vermicompost habitat. It was really engaging for them as they got to see worms close up!

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Our Lady of Pompei: Favourite Pedagogical Day

Trevor Wilde, Grade 3-4, B.A.S.E. Daycare, Our Lady of Pompei 

On the November 28 pedagogical day, we made Christmas ornaments and other fun and creative activities. It was my favourite pedagogical day of all. And don’t forget everyone, decorate your Christmas tree because Christmas is coming soon!

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Our Lady of Pompei: Yoga Class

Luca Valentini and Marco Arcaro, Grade 3-4, B.A.S.E. Daycare, Our Lady of Pompei 

We like Yoga class because we do some meditation and a lot of playing. It is awesome. We start with poses and then do the star pose in games like Freeze Tag, Ball Tag and Star Wars. At the end we finish with meditation. We are sad that Yoga is finished.


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Pierre Elliot Trudeau: Hot Lemonade

Noriko Baba, B.A.S.E. Cooking Class Animator

fullsizerender2_editAt Pierre Elliot Trudeau Elementary, we made hot lemonade! Students learned how much sugar a store bought lemonade bottle contains (40g in ONE SMALL CONTAINER!) and discussed the negative health effects of eating too much sugar. Alternative natural sweet ingredients such as Agave and Stevia were introduced in class, and each student tasted the differences between these sweet ingredients as compared with white sugar and honey. Also, student learned how to get a lot of lemon juice with a lemon squeezer and enjoyed smelling and touching many kinds of spices such as cloves, cardamom, cinnamon sticks and ginger. We cooked with spices, ginger and lemon juice. The lunch educator, Ms. Mary, and Sarah, the student helper of the hot lemonade cooking class, had lots of fun with Ms. Noriko and the other students!

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