St. Monica: Fall Salad Fun

Saint Monica Green club students enjoyed a final feast from their schoolyard garden before the cold frost closed it down for the season. Students enjoyed harvesting the mesclun salad mix, then preparing and washing it in the salad spinner. They loved eating their straight-from-the-soil salad mix with a homemade dressing on top of a cracker….

Gerald McShane: Mini (Yummy) Harvest

Green Clubs students at Gerald McShane met yesterday for the first time this school year and had a mini harvest activity with new Green Club Animator, Ms. Shannon! Mostly made up of returning members in grades 5 and 6, the green club welcomed a few new students and all are super keen to embark on…

St. Monica: Garden Life

Nestled in the middle of NDG, the St. Monica B.A.S.E. Daycare community garden is full of life—from bursting blueberries to busy bees! If you’d like to help out in the garden, try your hand at weeding, watering and planting (and don’t forget eating!), then email We’re waiting for you!