Gardenview: Budding Scientists Discover Sound Vibrations

Jodi Schwartz, B.A.S.E. Animator This fall, Miss Jodi had the budding scientists at Gardenview B.A.S.E. daycare learning about how sound works. She asked everyone to gently touch their throats while saying their names. They all felt their fingers vibrate. Miss Jodi explained that for a sound to happen, something has to vibrate, move, or shake….

Gardenview Science: Static Electricity

Jodi Schwartz, B.A.S.E. Animator This week, Gardenview budding scientists learned about static electricity through six mini experiments, all using balloons charged with static to move objects – they learned that static acts as a magnet either attracting or repelling objects. In first experiment, the children drew objects that can fly onto small pieces of parchment…