Dante: Daycare Week Celebrations!

It’s a wrap for Dante Daycare students ending Daycare Week with a bang as Daycare Technician Ms. Angie treats the children to a fun-filled day at Funtropolis!

Our week began with a pizza truck supplying us with unlimited, fresh-baked pizza right in our yard in many different flavours: Pepperoni, cheese, pesto and all dressed! To help us digest, we had music blasting and danced the afternoon away.

Tuesday the children were mesmerized with reptiles from Reptizoo, snakes, turtles and geckos.

On Wednesday, we offered a special breakfast of grilled cheese with bacon, and in the afternoon there were carnival games, balloons and cupcakes.

Thursday, we offered pancakes for breakfast and the children put on a variety show for their daycare friends, including singing to a reader’s theatre performance. All was enjoyed while slurping ice cream and munching on popcorn!

I sure wish I could be a kid again and attend daycare…I don’t know how we’ll top this year’s activities next year!

Maria Santino, Daycare Educator

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Michelangelo: Mother’s Day Breakfast

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day then with a lovely breakfast between mother and child? Well, that’s exactly what Daycare Staff did here at Michelangelo International.

On Friday, May 11, all mothers, fathers and children in the B.A.S.E. Daycare program  were treated to a yummy breakfast served by our wonderful B.A.S.E. staff, and our beautiful mothers were greeted with a rose.

To all mothers, just a reminder you are loved, appreciated and powerful. All your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.

Hope you all had a fantastic Mother’s Day with your loved ones.

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Summer Garden Sign Up! — Green Club Montreal

Looking for a fun, outdoor activity this summer? Look no further! You can help out at your school’s garden by signing up today!

Adopt your schoolyard garden this summer and spend some time helping your school’s green space thrive! The B.A.S.E. Daycare Green Clubs are working hard to get their gardens off to a great start with seedling sales and planting days coming up in the next few weeks. Attend an event and then sign up to water, […]

via Summer Garden Sign Up! — Green Club Montreal

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Our Lady of Pompei: Living the Sport Life

Monday, March 19 was a pedagogical day and our daycare hosted the company SportLife, “a team sports program that allows young athletes to simulate the career of pro athletes!”

“It was so much fun!” said Andrew. “I liked speaking on the microphone. It was like being at a real game. They made us feel like real professional athletes.”

Many of the children agreed, it was one of the best ped days ever.  They really enjoyed playing as professional athletes.

By Our Lady of Pompei Daycare staff

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Dante: Warning – Daycare Week Approaching!

It’s beginning to look a lot like daycare week!

Daycare week is quickly approaching and the kids are gearing up for another fun filled week! They’re already asking what are we going to do this year?

Every year we seem to outdo the previous year. Can’t wait to see there faces when they see what we have in store for them!

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Parkdale: Puppet Fun!

Children at Parkdale created Styrofoam cup animal puppets this morning.

They used markers to draw their animals into existence and Ms. Jodi added various animal anatomy using pipe cleaners upon request:

“I made a bat. He needs wings!”

“My owl has pink ears because that’s my favourite colour!”

It’s amazing just how much thought and creativity can go into such a simple activity.

“Mine’s a bunny! I’m going to make him hop!”

Everyone is looking forward to using their creations in their upcoming puppet show and bringing them to life with animalesque noises.

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Dante: Walk for Water

Mother Earth was on our side today for our global event, “WE Walk for Water!” gracing us with perfect weather. We walked 2 kilometres with our filled backpacks, mimicking the weight of carrying heavy tubs of the water, in solidarity for girls and women who have to do this several times per day to get access to clean, safe water for their families. Doing so prevents them from attending school and getting an education.

For every $25 raised, one girl is able to attain her dreams of getting an education. Our goal was to raise enough money to help 25 girls stop having to walk for water. Our Dante WE Club hosted a dress down day asking for any spare change and boy did our community come through for us!

We’re able to help 32 girls and still counting. Helping others makes us all feel better, inspires us to do more for others, and reminds us how very lucky we are here in Canada. Stay tuned for a more in depth story to appear in the next issue of the Touching B.A.S.E. on Daycare Matters newspaper.

By Maria Santino, daycare educator

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