Our Lady of Pompei: Avatars

Students in Ms. Silvia’s class at Our Lady of Pompei Elementary created avatars for #MediaLiteracyWeek using the MediaSmarts Avatar Maker! Here’s a clip of some of their thoughts and pictures of their avatars from level 1 and 2.

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Cedarcrest: Cards for Jacob

Students from Grades 3 to 6 at Cedarcrest B.A.S.E. Daycare created cards for Jacob Thompson. They made cards for the young boy and mailed them out since that was his last dying wish. He wanted to read as many cards as possible.

Students felt that: “Sometimes we need someone to simply be there. Not to fix anything, or to do anything in particular, but just to let us feel that we are cared for and supported.”


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Media Literacy Week: Avatars & Body Image

MLW-2017-MC-Logo-555x364Just around the corner, from November 6 to 10, is Media Literacy Week across Canada! The theme for this year is “Inclusion in a Connected World: A Place and a Voice for Everyone.”

Curious about the “Ideas for Educators” section of the website, I went and explored some of the activities and particularly enjoyed “Avatars and Body Image” for Grades 4 to 6. I had a great time exploring the online game Avatar Maker and seeing the difference between using Level 1 and Level 2! What a great game to play and discuss with students who are very much entrenched in the online gaming world.

Here is an idea of what you can do with the options from the two levels. Makes you think about the “avatars” you create for yourself online, whether it’s in a video game or in the persona you portray through your social media, doesn’t it?!

Hopefully we will be posting examples of avatars from B.A.S.E. daycare students soon!

Johanna Donovan, Media Advisor


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Parkdale: Marble Momentum Mazes

Parkdale Budding Scientists built their own marble momentum mazes after learning how things gain speed as they travel down a hill.


Every child received some paper, straws and cord. Without concrete instructions, students let their creative process flow. Each of the mazes were unique and imaginative. After drawing, cutting, gluing, and taping, bumpers, stairs, and tunnels were created.


Everyone got to test their creations with a marble for functionality and speed. Even though each student received the same supplies, they each took the project in their own personalized direction, while giving one another compliments along the way.

See video…  Continue reading

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General Vanier: Log Bench Project

Last Thursday, Green Club had an exciting delivery at General Vanier: 6 large logs that will be used to create log benches for an outdoor classroom adjacent to the garden in front of the school.

The logs were brought by a team from the local council, dumped from the back of a large truck and then moved into place with a bulldozer, they were so heavy!

The team said the logs were from a Norwegian Maple tree that had been cut down locally, likely due to being diseased, or dead. Thanks to Julie from Eco Quartier who helped source the logs. It feels good to know that the schoolyard garden will be made with local, recycled wood. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Cucumbretti

In Garden to Plate Club at Pierre Elliott Trudeau (PET) Elementary last week, students made their very own cucumber and zucchini spaghetti (or cucumbretti) using a spiralizer. Some of the strands of cucumbretti were taller than the students, one even estimated that their piece was taller than the school! 

All of the students liked the cucumbretti: Juliette said, “It was so fun!” And Victoria thought “It was very good!” However, students said they would not want to forgo normal spaghetti for cucumbretti, at least not all of the time.  

In Garden to Plate Club, the focus is on making healthy meals and snacks with food that is minimally processed, and local to Quebec. When available, students use vegetables grown in their very own schoolyard garden; this year club members used store bought cucumbers, but hopefully next year they will be able to use produce from the garden they are developing! Next week students will begin with weeding so that they can improve the soil, and plant flower and garlic bulbs before winter hits.  

Parents are very welcome to get involved in the gardening at PET, please contact B.A.S.E. at growb.a.s.e.gardens@gmail.com, if you are a parent at PET and would like to be involved. PET green clubs are hoping to organise a work party in the coming weeks! 

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Science Fun & Life-Size Games!


Every second week for their extended lunch period, Grade 5 students at Pierre Elliott Trudeau elementary school have been participating in a Life-Sized Games program.

The first week kicked off with a giant game of checkers. Students helped one another and strategized about their opponents’ future moves. Next to be experienced was a game of life-sized chess. Students became the pieces, and physically stepped around the game board in order for a piece to move. Teammates enthusiastically discussed the next best moves and displayed lovely teamwork. Everyone anxiously awaits to see which games will be played next!


Silly Putty is so much fun! Kindergarten students at St. Monica and Pre-K students at Pierre Elliott Trudeau learned about liquids, solids, chemical reactions, and polymers. They created individual pieces of art, and then packed them up to take home to play with all over again.

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