Special Celebrations at Our Lady of Pompei

OLP DAYCARE 30th Anniversary This year was a special year at Our Lady of Pompei. To note our 30th anniversary, the educators worked very hard to create a wall of fame of pictures from present and years past.  During each day of this year’s Daycare week in May, parents and students enjoyed reminiscing about the changes…

Daycare Week at B.A.S.E.

EMSB B.A.S.E. Daycares celebrated in style from May 14 to 18, 2018 during the week to “recognize the importance of the complementary role of school daycares in the school team!” Food was a highlight for all, from food trucks, to cotton candy, to Food Revolution themed events! There were also plenty of obstacle courses and…

Dante: Daycare Week Celebrations!

It’s a wrap for Dante Daycare students ending Daycare Week with a bang as Daycare Technician Ms. Angie treats the children to a fun-filled day at Funtropolis! Our week began with a pizza truck supplying us with unlimited, fresh-baked pizza right in our yard in many different flavours: Pepperoni, cheese, pesto and all dressed! To…

Dante: Warning – Daycare Week Approaching!

It’s beginning to look a lot like daycare week! Daycare week is quickly approaching and the kids are gearing up for another fun filled week! They’re already asking what are we going to do this year? Every year we seem to outdo the previous year. Can’t wait to see there faces when they see what we have…

Our Lady of Pompei: Daycare Week Fun!

B.A.S.E. Daycare students at Our Lady of Pompei had a great time during Daycare Week with a plethora of activities. From an “Engineers in the Making” project, to lots of physical activity, a dance performance and a fun-filled carnival day, students definitely celebrated daycare being a part of their everyday.

Coronation: Talent Show

The B.A.S.E. Daycare students at Coronation elementary school put on a Talent Show. The students of all ages were really invested in their performances and greatly enjoyed showcasing their multitude of talents. What a great way to end the school year!  

Dante: Daycare Appreciation Week

Maria Santino, Dante B.A.S.E. Daycare Educator Daycare appreciation week at Dante elementary school was filled with many enjoyable activities from special treats like beaver tails and many more, to making some noise with tam tam drums and finally playing some fun games organized by our fabulous educators!

John Caboto Academy: B.A.S.E. Magician Mayhem!

The magicians in Grade 2 at John Caboto Academy daycare are in the process of learning 13 incredible magic tricks over the course of ten consecutive weeks. They are practicing hard, as are the other magicians at Dalkeith, General Vanier, and Sinclair Laird along with the help of Miss Jodi Schwartz, the B.A.S.E. Curriculum Advisor….