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Welcome to the EMSB B.A.S.E. Daycare blogosphere!

This blog is where we share news from our Before and After School Enriched (B.A.S.E.) Daycare programs in 30 EMSB Elementary Schools! The B.A.S.E. Daycare Program offers activities that fall within six educational cores:

In January 2011, the English Montreal School Board Daycare Services launched a Journalism Program—a media initiative that includes this blog and a newspaper called Touching B.A.S.E on Daycare Matters which provides a platform where daycare students, staff and parents can stay connected.

B.A.S.E. Mandate

The B.A.S.E Daycare Program is a bridge between the classroom and the home, a wonderful transition for both students and parents alike. It thrives at providing students with opportunities to grow and develop through project-based learning. Through a variety of programs offered, students learn life skills they may not have the chance to learn in class or even at home.


  1. Marie-pier Lapointe says:

    Hello my name is Marie-Pier Lapointe,

    I love these pictures, they are so funny…..
    I’m a student at Gerald MC Shane!!


    Marie-Pier Lapointe 5B

  2. Joanna Peters says:

    Hello and Happy Holidays and a Fantastic New Year to all. Congratulations on this wonderful publication and all the positive attention it brings to our students of the EMSB and staff who work so hard to bring out the best! I am Joanna Peters and I just read an article written by Jennifer De Freitas on the Sinclair Laird recycled percussion instruments workshop I have been working on with Ms Pina’s students at Sinclair Laird’s daycare. I wanted to say a special Thank You to Jennifer who did a great job on her coverage of our workshop and announcing our MusiCounts Musical Instrument Grant. I didn’t have another way of contacting her since the schools are closed now so I took this opportunity to say so, I had been so busy and just read it after a family member brought it to me during a Christmas celebration yesterday.
    You did a great job and we are very appreciative! Enjoy the Holidays!
    Joanna Peters

  3. Stephanie says:

    Hello! I’m so happy to have found this blog, as a prospective parent to either Carlyle or Dunrae Gardens. I’m particularly interested in posts about Carlyle’s pre-school program and the daycare that compliments the pre-school.
    Thanks! Stephanie R.

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