Our Lady of Pompei: Earth Day Indoor Clean Up

The Pompei Daycare Cleaning Squad was out in full force on Thursday, April 22, 2021 to commemorate Earth Day.  What could we do to help Mother Nature? 

This year, because of Covid, the daycare students decided to clean their classroom and their lockers.  Students were given a spray bottle filled with water and dish soap and paper towels to clean their desks and chairs. The students also emptied out their lockers.  What a mystery of left over sweaters, lunches, water bottles, and papers we found.  Scrap paper was put in the recycling bins. Sweaters were brought home to wash. Any recyclable material was put to recycle; the rest was thrown out. Lockers were also washed inside and out. Learning in a clean and tidy environment is beneficial for all students. 

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