Our Lady of Pompei: HO-HO-HO-liday Socks!

The Holidays will look different this year – but one thing remains the same! Daycare educators spreading joy and instilling a sense of Holiday magic in the children who they work with day in and day out.

Our Lady of Pompei Daycare educator Ms. Pia, with the help of Childcare Worker Ms. Emily, guided the group of Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students to make HO-H0-HO-liday socks! Each red stocking was personalized with the child’s name and embellished with a sparkly pipe cleaner to hang on their Christmas tree. The four and five-year-old children were very happy and eager to make their stocking ornaments.

Ms. Pia, Daycare Educator and Ms. Emily, Childcare Worker
Our Lady of Pompei Daycare

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