Creative use for Recycled Markers Activity

IMG_1085This art activity involves using dried out markers and turning them into watercolor paint!! We know most of your kids forget to put the caps by on their markers so rather than throwing them out collect them and create a fun art activity.


  • Dried up markers
  • Paintbrush
  • Paper
  • Jar or container to soak the markers


  1. Once you have collected your dried up markers separate them by color (if you have multiple of the same colors you can use them or save them to do this activity for another day).
  2. Fill up your container with water and soak you markers. This can be done 2 ways either soak the tip of the marker or take out the felt inside the marker and submerge it into the water. (Tip: the more water you use the more diluted the color will be.)
  3. Once you have soaked the markers in water you can begin to paint. (Tip: To obtain more vibrant colors soak the markers for an hour or two prior to the activity).


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