Making Silly Putty: Learning about Liquids and Solids


NOTE: A saturated solution is when so much of an ingredient is added to water that the water can no longer absorb any more of it. That is why you can still see the remaining borax inside the bottom of the cup, even after mixing it very well.

PLEASE NOTE: As long as you add the SAME amount of glue and plain water, you can make a large or smaller batch of silly putty. Example: If you add 10 spoons of glue, add 10 spoons of plain water. If you add 3 spoons of glue, add 3 spoons of plain water.




Definition: A liquid is something that drips or runs.

What are some liquids found in your refrigerator?

Definition: A solid is something that is hard.

What are some solids found in your refrigerator?

This step helps to make the remaining water evaporate (disappear).



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