Comic Strips to Change the World

The B.A.S.E. EcoKid January Challenge is here! Time to lift the holiday fog from your brains and get those neurons moving again!

In honour of Family Literacy Day (January 27), we’re asking you to:

  1. Read Frieda Makes a Difference
  2. Pick a Global Goal that means the most to you
  3. Create a comic strip about how you can/will change the world! (Bonus “points” if your comic strip features your “Ugly Food” superhero from October helping you save the day!)
  4. Send in your comic strips by the first week of February to B.A.S.E. Daycare Head Office!

You can use good old fashioned paper and pencil crayons or some of these online tools to create a comic strip, such as from ReadWriteThink and Common Sense Education.

Happy Comic Creation! Can’t wait to see them all and pick the most creative to be published in the Touching BASE on Daycare Matters newspaper!

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