Carlyle: Impressive Illustrations of the Rights of the Child

In November, Carlyle’s Grade 5 and 6 students participated in the B.A.S.E. EcoKid November Challenge.

The children played a Play it Fair! game to learn about their rights and reflect on what makes a child happy and healthy. Many of the answers they gave were like the child’s rights, and some of the answers were different. Some examples included to be trusted by your parents, to enjoy nature, freedom of speech and to take trips with your family.

The children were also asked to explain the difference between needs and wants. Some of the comparisons that were made were having a teddy bear, having pets and eating chocolate–those would be wants–and the examples of needs were necessities like having food and water, having a home and getting an education.

Afterwards, the children discussed what it was to be a leader and offered examples of how a leader could help their community, their family, and even how children can make a difference in other children’s lives and can teach each other about their rights. The children also mentioned that a leader could help his or her community by donating clothes and helping people in need.

After reviewing all the children’s rights, they each chose a right to be the focus of a drawing. Some of the pictures drawn will be included in a Children’s Rights deck of cards by B.A.S.E. Daycare. The students chose many rights, from the ability to practice religion and express themselves, to the right to a clean environment and safety and security.

The children really enjoyed the game and all of the drawings were excellent. They’re very excited to find out which cards will be chosen for the playing deck!

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