BASE EcoKid November Challenge

Calling all B.A.S.E. EcoKids! It’s time to learn about and exercise your rights, be heard, and be leaders!

This November, in the spirit of the 30th anniversary of National Child Day (November 20), create your own illustration or challenge related to one of the Rights of the Child.

B.A.S.E. Daycare hopes to put together a deck of cards on children’s rights with your illustrations and challenges and send a deck to each daycare!

All you have to do is learn about your rights and think about what they mean to you! Then draw on white paper a picture related to one of the following rights (below) or create a challenge to encourage other children to learn about and exercise these rights. Each B.A.S.E. daycare received a guide for running a Children’s Rights Leadership Cards activity!

  • Right to a Clean Environment
  • Right to Express Myself & Be Heard
  • Right to a Home
  • Right to a Parent/Guardian Who Cares for Me
  • Right to Food & Water
  • Right to Choose Friends
  • Right to Safety & Security
  • Right to Education
  • Right to Be Myself
  • Right to Play & Rest
  • Right to Privacy
  • Right to Health & Well-Being
  • Right to Practice My Religion & Culture
Example of an illustration and a challenge!

You have until the first week of December to submit your illustrations and challenges. We can’t wait to see what your rights mean to you!

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