Special Celebrations at Our Lady of Pompei

OLP DAYCARE 30th Anniversary

This year was a special year at Our Lady of Pompei. To note our 30th anniversary, the educators worked very hard to create a wall of fame of pictures from present and years past. 

During each day of this year’s Daycare week in May, parents and students enjoyed reminiscing about the changes in all the students and the happy memories. As we move into a new school year, we will continue to maintain our wall of fame with new pictures and memories.

Thank you to all staff, parents, and students, present and past, for the great memories. Thank you to the BASE Team and to the Our Lady of Pompei School Community for your continued support.

Agatina Nicita, Daycare Technician

Daycare Week 2019 at Our Lady of Pompei Daycare

Our Daycare Week celebration began with an Engineering Ped Day on Friday, May 10, 2019. Students were given various recycled materials and they were asked to build a structure. The process was very exciting while trying to find different ways to keep things together. From a Super Slide and a train, to the Bridge of Flowers and robots, this activity proved to be a very imaginative and fruitful one.

On Monday, May 13, we had fun with ice cream. Who does not like vanilla ice cream, especially if you smother it with lots of goodies?  An avalanche of chocolate sauce with teddy graham cookies, multi-coloured mini marshmallows and colorful sprinkles made this somewhat healthy, right? Sssshhhhhh….don’t tell anyone how many calories were in there.  Bottom line is the students loved it.

On Tuesday, with the help of our Garden to Plate Club students and Ms. Shannon, all students were served a waffle breakfast with peaches.

On Wednesday, the students had planned physical activities outdoors.  The weather was accommodating and students had lots of fun.

On Thursday, we had a delicious pizza party and we ended the week with our carnival event on Friday. Inflatables brought great joy to all students. The Daycare staff set up a variety of stations such as Giant Jenga, Giant Connect 4, Bowling, Ring Toss, a Marble Bottle game, Foosball, Billiardini, and Foam Building Blocks. Students and staff had an awesome time.

Daycare Week is a time to look back and celebrate what we stand for.  All students anxiously awaited all day for what they would do during daycare hours to celebrate Daycare Week.  By the looks on the children’s faces, the Daycare staff created a fantastic celebration.

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