Our Lady of Pompei Creativity

Dad: You Are My Rock!

For Father’s Day, the students in Mrs. Rosa L.’s Grade 3-4 B.A.S.E. daycare group painted rocks. Each student’s rock was unique and had a special message that represented their dad.

Each student designed their father’s rock with care and much love.

Hopefully these rocks will be kept as a souvenir for a very long time.

Creative Gifts for Mom

Our school daycare has been very creative. Mothers care a lot about us, so they deserve creative gifts made by their children. For Mother’s Day we used a crystal bottle and put layers of different colours of sand.

We then took a glass cup and decorated the sides and put candles inside. All the gifts were unique and special. Most special of all is that all our moms loved their gifts.

Christian Jean-Francois,
Gabriel Marcone,
Marcus D’Alessio

Easter Knitting

This year at Easter time, the Grade 5 and 6 Knitting Club students at Our Lady of Pompei Daycare learned how to knit bunnies!

At first we all thought it was not going to be easy but we quickly got the hang of it and we were able to make some beautiful bunnies that we all took home for Easter. They are really, really cute!

Jessica Ratic
Student at Our Lady of Pompei B.A.S.E. Daycare

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