Artistic Self-Expression at Cedarcrest Daycare  

Catherine Cottis, Cedarcrest Daycare Educator

During a snowy week in February, the Grade 4 students at Cedarcrest B.A.S.E. Daycare learned about different art mediums and techniques through creating their own wintery mountain scenes. The students used black construction paper as their backdrop for a mountainous scene where multi-toned evergreen trees filled the foreground. Through this art project, the students applied different painting techniques like finger-painting, colour mixing and exploring different brush strokes. The class learned about artistic perspective by layering their hand-drawn, snow-capped mountains and evergreen trees onto the background using paint colours of their choosing.

The students originality shined through the way they finger-painted – some students chose to test out the aesthetic of different finger strokes, while others had fun making colourful dots using their fingers to fill up their trees. Their creativity was impressive as they mixed different paint colours to create new shades. Daycare Educator Ms. Catherine provided step-by-step instructions for this art project, but these talented students really made it their own. Showcasing their artwork throughout the hallways of the school is a source of pride for the students, especially when they hear compliments from teachers and parents alike. Art is not only a means for students to practice skills such as decision-making but also provides them the opportunity to explore their imagination and self-expression.

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