Learning About Owls at Carlyle Daycare

Angela Crescenzi, Carlyle B.A.S.E. Daycare Technician

Owls are amazing! While in after school daycare, Miss Ingrid taught us that owls are able to survive the cold Canadian winters. They live here all year long and are nocturnal. We talked about the food they eat and how they survive the winter.  We researched items found in nature and decided to use pine cones to make our own owls.

Pine cones were used for the body and we glued feathers for the wings, tail and head feathers. We cut felt to make eyes and glued googly eyes on top to make large owl eyes. We added felt beaks to our owls using glue. The owls were then glued to a wooden base so that they could stand.

We love our amazing owls!

Written by Miss Ingrid’s grade 1 and 2 students

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