Building Your Own Board Game

Students at John Caboto, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, and St. Monica B.A.S.E. daycares spent their session 3 constructing a collaborative board game with their classmates.

The Build Your Own Board Game program encourages teamwork, logic, forethought, and problem solving skills. With Ms. Jodi’s assistance students planned out, built, and played a game they had created as one large team. Some of the children created the board, others the dice and/or spinners, pieces and money, and others still the trivia questions/challenge cards. Then they compiled the rules during a brainstorming session in order for future players to know how to play the game.

All of the schools had the opportunity to play their completed games during their last class with Ms. Jodi. While the children were playing their game, a St. Monica student stated, “There is so much money!”. Ms. Jodi jokingly asked if they would share it, and one student quipped “But Miss, it’s counterfeit,”. Another student at St. Monica exclaimed, “This game is more fun than Monopoly!”, and she told them it was because they made it themselves and had used their creativity and imaginations. The board games were left at their respective daycares for the children to use for future years.

St. Monica’s group completed their game a class and a half early so they wrote, acted in, and filmed a commercial of their board game using the iMovie trailer app on an iPad. They learned about filming angles, directing scenes, and reacting to each other’s visual cues. Please view their wonderful commercial entitled “The Game of Games,” below.



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  1. ccrauthor says:

    What a super activity!

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