Digital Storytelling with Sound

Creativity was flowing in and around two B.A.S.E. daycares for the past two months.

Students in Hampstead and Westmount Park B.A.S.E. daycares participated in a nine-week program at their respective schools producing two collaborative digital storybooks. They used their writing and drawing skills to put together an imaginative story, and then added their voices, giving their story even more depth using the Book Creator App. Miss Jodi added some sound effects from iMovie, background music, and created a “Find the Hidden Message” game to accompany the stories and be played at their viewing parties last week. Students also practiced their writing skills by using a stylus to write words on the iPad. What a creative way to encourage literacy!

Please read and listen to the wonderfully creative digital storybooks below, and feel free to play the accompanying “Find the hidden message” game for each storybook. Every time you find a word with a blue cloud drawn around it, write it in the next available space in the sentence that appears under the video and you will uncover the hidden messages.

_________________ who stick __________________ are _______________es in _______________    ________________s with _________________ powers. All we have to do to gain our strength, is help each other.

If we _________________ nice, __________________ healthy, and _______________ each other, we have the _______________ to ________________ to the _________________ of life together.

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