Carlyle: STEAM Tower Building

Ms. Patricia provided the Carlyle B.A.S.E. Daycare students with the opportunity to build towers during their after school daycare program.  The students were from Grades 4-6 and had just under a month to build the towers, beginning in the middle of January.

Students were told to start by designing their tower on paper just like an architect would. Some children worked individually and others worked in groups. Once the designs was finished, students were given toothpicks and marshmallows with which to build their towers. The first attempts failed as the towers kept falling down. Students then started to look at why they were falling.

They began with a base made of cubes and decided to build a triangular base which was more capable of holding the weight. They also saw that it could not be the same size all the way to the top so they needed to decrease the width as the towers grew in height. Some of the students added a bridge and arches on their tower. After several attempts, everyone successfully built a tower that stood tall without falling over.

The students in daycare really enjoyed this project. They learned a lot about how hard it is to create a building. They saw that there are different aspects in a design such as a strong base, materials that can take weight, design etc. When they look at a building now they appreciate the effort that architects and builders put into creating it.

By Carlyle B.A.S.E. Daycare students, Grades 4-6, & Ms. Patricia

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