Dante: Daycare Week Celebrations!

It’s a wrap for Dante Daycare students ending Daycare Week with a bang as Daycare Technician Ms. Angie treats the children to a fun-filled day at Funtropolis!

Our week began with a pizza truck supplying us with unlimited, fresh-baked pizza right in our yard in many different flavours: Pepperoni, cheese, pesto and all dressed! To help us digest, we had music blasting and danced the afternoon away.

Tuesday the children were mesmerized with reptiles from Reptizoo, snakes, turtles and geckos.

On Wednesday, we offered a special breakfast of grilled cheese with bacon, and in the afternoon there were carnival games, balloons and cupcakes.

Thursday, we offered pancakes for breakfast and the children put on a variety show for their daycare friends, including singing to a reader’s theatre performance. All was enjoyed while slurping ice cream and munching on popcorn!

I sure wish I could be a kid again and attend daycare…I don’t know how we’ll top this year’s activities next year!

Maria Santino, Daycare Educator

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