Dante: Walk for Water

Mother Earth was on our side today for our global event, “WE Walk for Water!” gracing us with perfect weather. We walked 2 kilometres with our filled backpacks, mimicking the weight of carrying heavy tubs of the water, in solidarity for girls and women who have to do this several times per day to get access to clean, safe water for their families. Doing so prevents them from attending school and getting an education.

For every $25 raised, one girl is able to attain her dreams of getting an education. Our goal was to raise enough money to help 25 girls stop having to walk for water. Our Dante WE Club hosted a dress down day asking for any spare change and boy did our community come through for us!

We’re able to help 32 girls and still counting. Helping others makes us all feel better, inspires us to do more for others, and reminds us how very lucky we are here in Canada. Stay tuned for a more in depth story to appear in the next issue of the Touching B.A.S.E. on Daycare Matters newspaper.

By Maria Santino, daycare educator

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  1. ccrauthor says:

    keep going girls! And teachers! Such a terrific lesson!

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