Elizabeth Ballantyne: Hip Hop Show

On Friday, April 6, 2018, Elizabeth Ballantyne B.A.S.E daycare put on a hip hop show featuring Kindergarten to Grade 3 students in the gym. A great big thank you to our talented emcee Luciano for doing such a great job!

Parents came to the after school show and really enjoyed the four performances. They were pleased to see their children come out of their shells.

“The hip hop show was so fun!” said Breanna in Grade 2. “I really liked it and I was happy my parents were there.”

“It was cool and fun! Mommy was so proud of me,” said Brooklyn in Kindergarten.

The students worked on these hip hop dances beginning in September with instructors from Takabouger, a company that has partnership with B.A.S.E daycare.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. ccrauthor says:

    Another super way to keep children learning.

  2. Hayoon says:

    Hi Miss Melodie,
    This is me Hayoon.
    The hiphop show was so fun!
    I miss Montreal and My Friend and You!
    I wish l can go back to Montreal and learn hiphop.
    I miss everyone.
    Please say hi to Ava,Breanna,Briyonna,and Hayley.
    Bye Have a good life

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