Collaborative Digital Storytelling

student completing the find the hidden message gameCombining their imaginations, writing and drawing skills, and throwing in a little tech has resulted in three wonderful digital storybooks from three B.A.S.E. daycares!

Students at Dalkeith, Elizabeth Ballantyne and Parkdale worked for weeks to create collaborative digital storybooks with their classmates using the Book Creator App under the guidance of Ms. Jodi. They finally finished their storybooks and held viewing parties at their daycares in March!

The finished products included their voices narrating the story, sound effects and background music. Students also practiced their writing skills by using a stylus to write words on the iPad. What an inventive way to encourage literacy!

Please read and listen to the wonderfully creative digital storybooks below, and feel free to play the accompanying “Find the hidden message” game for each storybook. Every time you find a word with a blue cloud drawn around it, write it in the next available space in the sentence that appears under the video and you will uncover three motivating mantras.

Dalkeith: The Invasion

When we ______ and get ______, we must ______ each other remember that ________ is not the answer, and _______ we can be _______ .

Elizabeth Ballantyne:  Why Are You So Angry?

______  ______ each other use their ______, ________, and play _______.

Parkdale: Stop the Evil Bunny

If we ______ together, ______ our ______, ________, and use our _______, we will have a happy _______ .

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