Hampstead: Mason Jar Music

making music with mason jarsHampstead scientists created beautiful melodies this week in Ms. Jodi’s science program using mason jars.

They filled the jars, each with a different level of water, ranging from full to almost empty. Ms. Jodi added some food colouring to make the jars easily identifiable.

Each student had a chance to use a wooden spoon to gently hit each of the mason jars. Every jar produced a different pitch or musical note depending on the level of water held inside. The sound vibrated off of the water and produced a lower pitch if there was more water (because the vibrations were slower) and a higher tone if there was less water.

Ms. Jodi also brought the equivalent of sheet music in for the students to try their hand at playing the song “Mary Had A Little Lamb” on three of the five mason jars. See the video below to see one of the musicians in action.

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With this blog, daycare staff, students and parents will get to see and share the wonderful things that go on in the EMSB Before and After School Enriched Daycare programs, from creative arts, physical activities and media making, to environmental projects and more!
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