Hampstead: Mason Jar Music

making music with mason jarsHampstead scientists created beautiful melodies this week in Ms. Jodi’s science program using mason jars.

They filled the jars, each with a different level of water, ranging from full to almost empty. Ms. Jodi added some food colouring to make the jars easily identifiable.

Each student had a chance to use a wooden spoon to gently hit each of the mason jars. Every jar produced a different pitch or musical note depending on the level of water held inside. The sound vibrated off of the water and produced a lower pitch if there was more water (because the vibrations were slower) and a higher tone if there was less water.

Ms. Jodi also brought the equivalent of sheet music in for the students to try their hand at playing the song “Mary Had A Little Lamb” on three of the five mason jars. See the video below to see one of the musicians in action.

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