Nesbitt: Rock Climbing Fun

The morning of March 2, 2018 was full of excitement as the children from Pre-K to Grade 6 were strapped into their harnesses at Horizon Roc.  Younger students got to climb first–up a few steps, then down they came!

When the Grade 3 students began climbing, they worked on going as high as possible. The first student to attempt reaching the top made it half way up.

“It’s scary when you get to a part and you don’t know what to expect,” said Ayra. “You feel like you’re going to slip, but you don’t.”  The next one up was Julia, who made it to the top of the wall.

“I liked the climbing part, getting up to the top.  It was difficult but it was fun,” said Julia. It was amazing to see her go up so high without any fear!  

The children had fun cheering for each other and got even louder as one of our own, Mr. Todd began climbing to the top of the wall.  The children said, “It’s fun to see the teacher do it.”

We had an amazing time.   The instructors were very nice and it was a very memorable day.    

By Franca Sicilia, daycare educator

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