Budding Scientists: Air Pressure

Budding Scientists at John Caboto Academy and Hampstead discovered air pressure by creating hoop gliders, and tinfoil boats. 

Hoop gliders were fabricated via strips of paper taped into the shape of hoops (one large and one small), which were fastened to either end of a straw. The children customized their hoop gliders with drawings of things that fly, such as hot air balloons, birds, airplanes, helicopters, and Superman, just to name a few.

Students learned the basics of aerodynamics: when thrown, the air passes through the hoops and pushes the hoop glider up into the air just like it does with a real airplane. Once this was established, students practiced throwing their hoop gliders to improve on their accuracy. They attempted to make them land on a close target, and then tried again aiming for a target further away. 

Next, each child created a tinfoil boat. Once completed, Ms. Jodi handed out straws. Students lined up all the boats and used the straws to see who could blow their boat the farthest.

“I wish I could do this every day! I love it!” exclaimed Hampstead student Josh. 

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