Digital Storybooks with Sound!

Elizabeth Ballantyne student uses microphone to record character's voice.B.A.S.E. daycare students at Elizabeth Ballantyne, Parkdale, and Dalkeith are bringing out their creative noises in the early morning hours during their Digital Storybook Creation programs with Ms. Jodi. Using the BookCreator App on an iPad, every week the children add to their projects. 

Now six weeks into the program all three daycares have imagined, written, and drawn their entire stories. Now they are recording the narration for the stories, using their imaginations to create unique voices for each character. 

Parkdale student uses stylus to write word on iPad.This week, students at Parkdale used a stylus pen to write one word to accompany each image. Students at Elizabeth Ballantyne and Dalkeith will do the same in the next couple of weeks.  

Once all the words and sounds are complete, Ms. Jodi will create a “Find the hidden message” game within their stories for everyone to play during their final class. All three schools will have a viewing party for their daycare staff and peers to enjoy.  

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