Carlyle: Garlic Experience

20171103_154139“You plant garlic seed with the pointy-end up,” said Nicolle, a member of Carlyle’s B.A.S.E. Daycare Green Club. She shared this tip during a garlic tasting activity on December 1, 2017 with her fellow Grade 3 and 4 Green Club members.

Earlier in the fall, students planted garlic seed into the garden along with tulips and daffodils. They followed up the planting experience with learning about the benefits of garlic and also how to enjoy eating it.  

The video “Garlic – How Does it Grow?” helped students see how garlic grows, as they will have to wait until returning after the summer to see the results of their crop.

Chiara shared her understanding of garlic by saying, “Garlic is a very good pesticide because of its strong smell.”

There was a lot of excitement when it came to eating the garlic. The students pressed the garlic cloves then spread them over a piece of bread, finally adding some fresh salad to enjoy the strong taste of garlic.

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