Dalkeith: A Shocking Good Time!

23600753_10100767989949264_1914839153_o.jpgBudding Scientists at Dalkeith elementary learned about static electricity this week via three experiments.

The first experiment was drawing parchment paper ghosts and using a balloon that had been rubbed on their hair to conduct static electricity. When they held the balloon at just the correct distance from their ghosts, the static attracted the parchment paper and in turn made the ghosts “dance.”

The second experiment involved using the same balloons, charging them with static electricity, and turning an empty coca cola can on its side. Students used the statically charged balloon to “pull” the can by rolling it across the table following the balloons path.

Static works in a crazy way with salt and pepper. For the last experiment of the day, each student mixed salt and pepper into a pile in front of them on the table. They then statically charged plastic spoons by rubbing them on their shirts, and then brought the spoon close to the salt and pepper pile. Since the pepper is lighter, it leapt from the mixed pile and clung to the spoon while the salt, being heavier, remained on the table.

Discovering static electricity was a shocking good time!

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