Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Cucumbretti

In Garden to Plate Club at Pierre Elliott Trudeau (PET) Elementary last week, students made their very own cucumber and zucchini spaghetti (or cucumbretti) using a spiralizer. Some of the strands of cucumbretti were taller than the students, one even estimated that their piece was taller than the school! 

All of the students liked the cucumbretti: Juliette said, “It was so fun!” And Victoria thought “It was very good!” However, students said they would not want to forgo normal spaghetti for cucumbretti, at least not all of the time.  

In Garden to Plate Club, the focus is on making healthy meals and snacks with food that is minimally processed, and local to Quebec. When available, students use vegetables grown in their very own schoolyard garden; this year club members used store bought cucumbers, but hopefully next year they will be able to use produce from the garden they are developing! Next week students will begin with weeding so that they can improve the soil, and plant flower and garlic bulbs before winter hits.  

Parents are very welcome to get involved in the gardening at PET, please contact B.A.S.E. at growb.a.s.e.gardens@gmail.com, if you are a parent at PET and would like to be involved. PET green clubs are hoping to organise a work party in the coming weeks! 

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