Edward Murphy: Award-Winning Young Gardener!

During the summer months, Edward Murphy student Naïma not only helped out in the B.A.S.E. Daycare garden at her school with her mother Véronique, but also signed up to be a young gardener with the Botanical Garden’s program Jardins-jeunes.


During her work as a young gardener she worked hard! “I learned what types of insects are good or bad for the garden,” writes Naïma. “I also learned the types of vegetables and fruits that go together or not. I made friends and every class, we tasted fruits or made smoothies with the smoothie bike!

“The garden helpers are really friendly and they showed me some techniques, like how to pick a cabbage when it’s ready. The hardest thing to do was to cut the tomato suckers. We had so many things in our garden, even a mini frog house we made. Every year it’s different. I’m really looking forward to the summer 2018 garden season. I had so much fun this summer.”

Finally, on Friday, September 15, 2017, Naïma went to the Jardins-jeunes gala and was one of 16 youth (out of 150 children aged 6 to 15) to receive the “Grande Jardinière” award for her good work, participation and great attitude.

Not only does Naïma have a green thumb, she also wants to one day own her own patisserie. You can follow her exploits on her Instagram account! Bravo Naïma and thanks for keeping the Edward Murphy schoolyard garden looking so good!

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