Coronation: Certified Wildlife Friendly Habitat

B.A.S.E. Green Club students at Coronation Elementary School officially opened their schoolyard garden on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, and received their “Certified Wildlife Friendly Habitat” plaque from the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) as part of the WILD Spaces program.

Mr. Ryan Oxley, B.A.S.E. Green Initiative Advisor, applied for the certification earlier this year and Coronation Elementary was selected along with 15 to 20 other schools in Quebec. The certificate is given to groups who have “transformed [their] schoolyard or group’s yard into a space that helps wildlife and encourages youth to connect with and learn from nature.” Coronation’s Green Club also received a donation of pollinator kits that included around 40 plants to help attract pollinators to their garden.

Mile End High School originally established the garden, building 7 raised planters. Coronation Elementary’s Green Club built a bug hotel as well as created a pollinator garden next to the planters to help attract bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects to help pollinate the fruit and vegetable plants.

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