Our Lady of Pompei: Comic Book Creation Program Inspires Writing

Two of B.A.S.E. Daycare Grade 3 students at Our Lady of Pompei Elementary thrive on creating their own comic books after participating in the B.A.S.E. Comic Book Adventure Creation program and getting inspired.

By Pietro and Trevor, Grade 3

We like comics! Drawing is fun and is a way for us to express ourselves. When we come into daycare every morning, we get our comics from our lockers and start to draw. First we draw our boxes, then our characters, and then we write what the characters say, but only if we want them to talk.

In Ms. Jodi’s Comic Book Adventure Creation program, we learned that every story has to have a problem. Now we use this information to help us write our own stories. “I start with the bad guy and the problem in the story. Then I add in hero and see how he can fix it,” explained Trevor. “I made a bunch of comic books and I read them when I’m bored,” he continued.

“I’m using the comic book character that I created in Comic Book Adventure. His name is Crazy Pineapple,” explained Trevor. “Planet Weird face is in my newest comic!” exclaimed Pietro, talking about the planet he had originally come up with in the Comic Book Adventure program.

We think of what cool super powers other super heroes have, and then we make up different ones for our characters. “I created Air Man who only has gloves, shoes, and a face. The rest of his body is invisible because it’s made of air,” said Pietro enthusiastically. “Air Man can fly, stretch his arms and legs out really far, and make his face invisible with one single blink,” he continued. “Toxic Man has super strength, wears a metal suit, and has a special door in his suit that releases toxic gas when it opens that stops his enemies,” emphatically added Trevor. “Toxic Man saves people from danger. He dresses all in black,” he continued.

We use our imaginations a lot. “I gave a copy of my comic to everyone in my class, so that they could read it when it’s reading time in school or to take home,” told Trevor proudly.

“We hope that other students use their imaginations to draw their own comics and create stories because it will make them happy,” said Pietro enthusiastically. “After hearing about ours, maybe they will even get inspired to make their own,” he added full of hope.

“You can fit as many pictures on the page as you want and you can imagine your own characters by unleashing your imagination powers,” said Pietro. “Don’t be shy and don’t let anything or anyone stop you from having fun!” added Trevor.

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