Dante: The Art of Sewing

Sewing is another form of art, and an invaluable skill. This is one of the many things the Grade 2 students learn in daycare.

The look of astonishment in educator Ms. Franca’s Grade 2 daycare students was something to behold when they saw a sewing machine in their class.

“Are we going to sew?” they all cried in unison, big round eyes lighting up. “Cool!”

“My grandmother has a sewing machine and she sews,” said one student, feeling all grown up.

Anxiously and shyly, they all wanted to go first.

“I was a bit nervous,” said Joseph. “We had to push a peddle with our foot, but it was fun.”

“Oh gosh, I’m going to sew,” said Victoria happily.

“I’m making a scarf for my mother, it’s amazing,” was another comment from Daniel.

“I’m not stressed out at all doing this,” said Joseph while pushing down on the peddle with his foot.

“I’m happy that I’m getting the chance to sew. I never used a sewing machine before,” said Adam.

The children all took turns learning how to thread the needle, do some bobbin threading and overlock stitching, and made beautiful scarves to bring home for their Mother’s Day gift surprise.

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  1. Lidia says:

    Thank you Ms. Franca. What a wonderful surprise on Mother’s Day. Daniel keeps asking me when we will get our own sewing machine 😉

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