Our Lady of Pompei: High Tea

Adam Rahmani, Grade 6 student

Ms. Rosa’s Grade 6 students had the privilege of attending a traditional English tea party during our after school daycare program.

We were served traditional English Tea, complete with scones, crumpets, pastries and jam; and what’s a tea party without the cucumber sandwiches, which were delicious!

Ms. Rosa was born in England and is very proud of her heritage. She taught us about the history and proper etiquette of afternoon tea. We also learned a few Do’s and Don’ts such as:

  • DO try a little of each food served.
  • DO spread a scone with cream first then the jam.
  • DON’T place lemon in the teacup before pouring the tea, the tea is always poured first.
  • DON’T leave your spoon in the cup, place it on the saucer.
  • DON’T move your plate more than 1 inch front the edge of the table.
  • DON’T push your plate when you are done eating.

In the end we all had a wonderful experience. It was both fun and educational and we thank Ms. Rosa for the memorable day.

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