Our Lady of Pompei: Earth Day

pencilshavings.jpgThe Grade 3 and 4 Daycare students celebrated Earth Day by creating beautiful works of art using pencil shavings, said Ms. Rosa Lemme, Daycare Educator.

The students got busy sharpening their coloured pencils until they accumulated a pile of different coloured shavings. They then proceeded to create their designs by using tweezers to glue the pencil shavings onto their paper. The end results were amazing!

All of Our Lady of Pompei’s Daycare groups spent the month of April doing activities and games that revolved around Earth Day themes. Daycare Educator Ms. Pia said the students had the experience of carrying water to see how some children in the world feel when they have to walk far to find clean water. They also experimented with growing vegetables and plants in water without soil. They placed carrots and beet tops in water and rocks. They also planted beans and lettuce in dirt and watched the progress of chia seeds as they sprouted.

It was a wonderful month of learning to value and respect the earth and will hopefully encourage students to continue taking care of the planet throughout their lives.


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