Our Lady of Pompei: Sparking Creativity and Imagination with Old Holiday Traditions and Creating New Holiday Traditions

Pia Falconi Di Bacco, Our Lady of Pompei Daycare Educator

This December, students had the opportunity to revive our old holiday tradition of making handmade garlands. They also made holiday cards and “Hollyday” Centerpieces. The centerpieces were made with traditional holiday holly flowers: the children first painted Styrofoam red and then glued it onto a red dish. Children created their own personal arrangements of red hollies and gold branches on a centerpiece. These were created for the children to bring home to help celebrate their holiday traditions with family and friends, and to share what they made with their creative hands and minds with pride.  

The New Holiday Tradition at our daycare began a few years ago with introduction of the creative idea Pay it Forward to the Homeless. This initiative encourages creativity and imagination with the idea of exercising pay it forward with hats, gloves and mittens to help people in need. In addition to that project, we collected socks and hygiene products from our community to pay it forward to the homeless. The daycare students created gift baskets and peace gift bags for the homeless in the hopes of creating warmth for them both physically and emotionally.

The tradition of Pay it Forward to the Homeless continues in our daycare and is growing by planting seeds of awareness – hopefully this spark will continue to blossom in the children’s young minds and hearts as they grow.

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