Elizabeth Ballantyne: Magic Milk Monday

Jodi Schwartz, B.A.S.E. Curriculum Advisor

This fall, the Budding Scientists at Elizabeth Ballantyne B.A.S.E. Daycare started their Monday mornings with science experiments.  On November 21 2016, the young scientists experienced Magic Milk Monday with Ms. Jodi and performed the magic milk experiment. Ms. Jodi poured milk into a dish and added drops of food colouring to it. The students then dipped a Q-tip into dish soap and put the soap-covered end of the Q-tip into the milk. Students learned very quickly that soap repels milk and, in turn, the colours, thereby forcing them into psychedelic tie-dye patterns.

Some of the students voiced their observations:

“I like that the colours spread around to mix and make different colours.”

“The milk became rainbow coloured. We had to be careful not to mix it because all of the colours in there would turn to one colour like purple.”

“The soap makes it expand towards the outer edges of the container and turns it into bubble shapes.”

Science is fun!

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