John Caboto Academy: B.A.S.E. Magician Mayhem!

12966754_10100449921965054_902399880_nThe magicians in Grade 2 at John Caboto Academy daycare are in the process of learning 13 incredible magic tricks over the course of ten consecutive weeks. They are practicing hard, as are the other magicians at Dalkeith, General Vanier, and Sinclair Laird along with the help of Miss Jodi Schwartz, the B.A.S.E. Curriculum Advisor. A magic show will be presented as part of Daycare Week in a show that will take place on Tuesday May 17 2016. Cedarcrest magicians who participated in the Magician Mayhem program during Session 2 of the B.A.S.E. extracurricular activities will also take part in the show. A handful of students from each of the five above-mentioned schools will come together to dazzle their audience.

The accompanying picture shows some of what the John Caboto Academy daycare students have already learned. This was their second class and they’ve already mastered six tricks!

These magicians are wonderful performers!

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