Parkdale: Lentil Stuffed Pitas on the Menu!

Tennis Quebec in partnership with Dairy Farmers of Canada came to Parkdale School bearing gifts of culinary delight! Cutting board, bowls, knifes and other materials were given to the school in hope of promoting healthy eating habits. Equipped with the recipe provided,  Ms. Melina’s Slowfood Cooking Club created a healthy snack of mini pitas stuffed with lentils, cheddar cheese, parsley, yogurt and tomatoes. 

Ms. Melina could not  be more proud of her Slowfood Cooking Club who worked to together to make their pitas. Each table had a team leader that was in charge of the dicing of the tomatoes (after a demonstration from Ms. Melina) but also dividing up the tasks and checking the recipe to make sure each step was being followed.

Some students had never tried lentils in their life! Let alone cooking with them. In the end, everyone really loved the recipe and to top it off you couldn’t ignore the sense of pride the students showed while eating their creations.

Bravo Parkdale Slowfood Cooking Club and Bon Appétit!


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