Green Club: Holidays

IMG_0079-cropDid you know that half of the paper we consume is used to wrap and decorate gifts? (The Recycler’s Handbook, 1990) Holiday waste, like food, shopping bags, packaging, wrapping paper, bows and ribbons, contribute up to an additional 1 million tons per week of waste to our landfills. (EPA)

For this holiday season, Ms. Julia wanted to encourage alternative ways to celebrate, and be more thoughtful about the planet. The Green Club made natural, homemade ornaments. They can also be used as air fresheners, and moth repellents.

Based on a design from the Medieval times, students in the Green Club made Clementine-Clove Pomanders. By poking whole cloves into clementines, the students made artistic and fragrant decorations. Ms. Julia helped string a thread through the clementine, and now they can hang from a doorknob, Christmas tree, or window. After curing the clementines for a couple of weeks, the clementine will be preserved and the clove smell will become stronger, and last for years!

This was during the last week of Green Club Programs before the holidays, but we’ll be back in the New Year to continue learning about and engaging with the Earth! Thanks to BASE Daycare Staff for their support, and thanks to the students who participated.

“Green Club was so cool. I want to do it forever. We did so many projects from inside to outside.”
– Olivia Vitale (Grade 4)

“BASE Green Club was a wonderful experience for us because of all Ms. Julia’s fun activities like: Cooking, planting and just being in the garden with her. We’ve learned so many things about nature. We are looking forward to learning more new things, and planting intriguing plants. We’ll be more than happy to have the privilege of getting Green Club with Ms. Julia once again next year!”
– Eva Minerva (Grade 6), Bryana Sansalone (Grade 5), and Victoria Malagisi (Grade 6)

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