General Vanier: Pollinator Hotels

Grade 4-5-6 students from General Vanier Elementary School discovered the importance of pollinators and the magic of the honeybee!

It turns out that not all bugs are pests, and that some insects are essential in order for our gardens and urban ecosystems to thrive. Even scary bugs like spiders eat other pests, and others, like bees, pollinate flowers so they produce more fruits and vegetables for us to eat. This is why it’s important to encourage insects in the garden, and not kill them with pesticides.

After learning about different types of bees, their life cycles and habitats, students looked at different insect hotel designs and built their very own bumblebee and solitary bee houses to install in the garden next spring. Hopefully this will bring more friendly bugs to the garden!

Then we had a chance to try some honey produced by urban honeybees living right in the city, courtesy of Miel Montréal. Did you know that the flavour of the honey changes depending on the floral source? So each neighbourhood’s honey has it’s own distinct taste. Delicious!

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