St. Raphael: A Spicy Lesson

Hugh, Grade 3, St. Raphael

Today in Cooking Club Ms. Melina brought all these veggies, herbs and spices. And something called “couscous.” The point of the lesson was to take something bland, like a grain and spice it up according to our flavour palette. First we tried all the veggies, herbs and spices alone; there was parsley, cilantro, saffron, marinated eggplant, carrots, cucumber and more! Then we tried to couscous alone, which was tasteless and bland.

We were given three heaps of couscous and were allowed to experiment with three different mixtures of couscous. Once we tried the first we knew what we liked and didn’t for the second and then the third.

My favorite was with lemon, alpha spout, carrots and cilantro. Yum!

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