Nesbitt: Filmmaking Club Fun!

Nesbitt Daycare Filmmaking Club

In the filmmaking club today we learned about stories. We picked the photos we liked best from a pile and told a story with a beginning, middle and end.

Ms. Jacky asked us to try including a likeable character, a challenge and a reward at end. We learned that sometimes those things are not what you expect. A main character can be the wind! Or the reward can be believing in yourself!

One story we came up with as a team is as follows:

One day a little girl was born on a beautiful, sunny farm.

The little girl grew up beautifully and gently.

From a young age she had a love of nature, but she lacked friends.

Another girl moved in across from the farm. The two became best friends the second they met.

As the little girl grew older she was keeping a secret from her best friend.

She was afraid to tell the secret. The friends gazed slowly in the sunset. 

The leaves were now falling.

She decided to tell her friend the secret on a cold autumn day. She was moving away.

A week later her bags were packed and a “for sale” sign now stood in front of her house.

First Winter in Wisconsin: The girl was too excited to visit her friend for the holidays.

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With this blog, daycare staff, students and parents will get to see and share the wonderful things that go on in the EMSB Before and After School Enriched Daycare programs, from creative arts, physical activities and media making, to environmental projects and more!
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