Gerald McShane: Build Your Own Board Game

To kick off the year, students at Gerald McShane elementary school were treated to a “Build Your Own Board Game” themed Ped Day activity on Friday, October 9, 2015.

With the guidance of Ms. Jodi and Mr. Ryan, everyone worked well together. First, the whole group decided the rules for their safety and came up with instructions for the game itself. Then they used their creative ways to think up and then build a giant board game as a team.

After lunch, some students played Play It Fair! games with Ms. Jodi, while Mr. Ryan took part of the group to play the newly built board game. The group was separated so there would be enough space to move around on the board game without anybody getting hurt. After a while, the groups switched so everyone had the chance to play everything.

The “Build Your Own Board Game” Ped Day inspired great creativity among the students, the group playing games with Ms. Jodi even shared some of their own invented games with their peers. They explained the rules and then everyone joined in. It was nice to see everyone playing together and being fair, kind, and inclusive, but above all imaginative and creative.

Who knows what sparks of creativity will fly at the next “Build Your Own Board Game” Ped Day!

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