B.A.S.E. Science Activities are Back!

The Budding Scientists at St. Gabriel, General Vanier, Pierre Elliott Trudeau and John Caboto Academy were all busy getting their hands dirty this past week. We learned how acids eat away at things and that bases are slippery and bitter. Bases lose their basicity when mixed with acids.

Some common acids that can be found at home are fruit juice, vinegar, lemon juice and shampoos. Some common bases are bleach, soap, hair conditioner and baking soda. When you mix them together they explode!

The children drew their own volcano, which Miss Jodi then taped around a cup. Then she poured vinegar and food colouring inside the cups, and each student added a heaping spoonful of baking soda. The “Oooooohhhhhhhh’s” and “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh’s” never ended!

During the next class at General Vanier, the children learned about Sound Vibrations. They discovered that a sound couldn’t exist unless something vibrates. They made duck calls with straws, cup telephones and they even recreated echolocation with tinfoil pie plates and empty paper towel rolls.

About Daycare Matters

With this blog, daycare staff, students and parents will get to see and share the wonderful things that go on in the EMSB daycares, from beading, dance and animation to film making, songwriting and green projects!
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