Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Green Initiative – Making Recycled Paper

By Brianna and Amanda, Grade 5

Tear scraps of paper into pieces, pour boiling water in bucket, blend with hand blender until pulp forms.

When the temperature is cold outdoors, it’s a great time to get creative with green projects indoors. That’s exactly what was done at Pierre Elliott Trudeau Daycare.

Daycare Green Initiative Advisor, Maddie Guerlain, showed the Grade 5 and 6 daycare students how to make recycled paper using scraps of paper found in recycling bins around the school.

It is very easy and simple to make recycled paper. It is also very good for the environment.

Place 8x10 screen frame into mixture. Add leaves to the mixture so that your paper looks even more pretty.

This amazing green project consists of seven easy steps outlined below.

When your recycled paper is finished drying, there are many things you can do with it. You can write on it, you can stick a picture of yourself on it or you can turn it into a scrapbook. Have fun making your own recycled paper and get creative with it after it’s done.

Lift screen and drain excess water. Flip it over onto an 8x10 piece of felt paper Hang to dry.



Materials Needed:

  • Hot water
  • Shredded paper (any color or you can add food coloring)
  • Hand blender
  • Screen frame  (8 x 10)
  • Felt paper       (8 x 10)

Safety Procedures:

  • Ask an adult to boil the water and to blend the paper for you.

You can turn your recycled paper into a journal book.


1. Get some recycled paper from the recycling bins of your school.

2. Tear the paper into small pieces, but not too small.

3. Add hot water to the paper in a plastic bucket so that the paper starts melting and turning into pulp.

4. Hand blend until paper starts breaking down and gets very creamy.

5. Place the screen frame into your mixture.  Then lift the screen and drain the extra water out.  Then flip it over onto a felt paper the same size as your screen (8 x 10).

6. Let the paper dry overnight.

7. When your paper is dry, peel it off  the felt.

Voila! A very pretty piece of paper.

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With this blog, daycare staff, students and parents will get to see and share the wonderful things that go on in the EMSB daycares, from beading, dance and animation to film making, songwriting and green projects!
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